Reference Projects

Outreach & consultations with major RES project developers and private investors: Insights and recommendations on facilitating private sector investments in RES projects in Ukraine

The overall objective of the assignment is to overall objective is to increase private renewable energy investment into Ukraine through identification and mitigation of barriers slowing down investment and through implementation by policy makers of recommendations arising from the study along with more tailored and effective support from donors and international financial institutions (IFI) in…
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Review of the legislation relevant to energy efficiency and support in development of the law on energy saving and energy efficiency

The overall objective of the assignment is to transfer EU experience and best practice and support the implementation of EU acquis in the further development and eventually adoption of the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic to govern energy saving and energy efficiency. This involves the following activities: a) Undertake a concise review of the current…
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Preparation of a concept note and a road map for the setup of an independent energy regulator, towards the development of the country’s energy market

The general objective of this assignment was to assist the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in understanding the necessity of setting up a national regulatory authority for energy, in the context of implementation of its strategy for the effective development of the country's energy sector based on competitive market principles. More specifically,…
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