Energy business services

Energy market research

In developing and emerging economies, there is a lack of periodic sector-specific studies and when such studies exist their depth and focus is often insufficient with respect to the needs, e.g. for the purposes of preparing energy strategies, or in order to identify the costs and benefits of the introduction of an alternative fuel etc.  When entering or expanding into developing and emerging markets businesses need to have the information to make sound investment decisions.

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Energy regulatory affairs

Despite the efforts made by emerging and developing countries to support an enabling environment for foreign investments, in many countries there are legal and administrative restrictions. The main problem is the difficulty in getting ‘traction’ within the competent agencies, illustrating a lack of institutional capacity and ‘connectedness’ between the state organisations responsible for policy development and execution.

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Investment support

The investment opportunities in renewable energy and energy efficiency worldwide are staggering. In developing countries, the problems lie in three key areas:  support in identifying the projects on the ground, understanding the country’s regulatory framework and obtaining financing on reasonable terms.

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