Brussels Headquarters

officeRevelle Group has its headquarters in Brussels in the European District. Our office is situated in a building that not only houses our staff, but also is representative of our work and our passion for a more sustainable world.

The company office is situated in the Renewable Energy House building located on Rue d’Arlon.  This is the first time in Brussels that a 120-year-old building has been refurbished to minimise the energy consumption and integrate renewable energy technologies, making it a 100% renewable energy building. The house runs on 100% renewable energy supply for heating, cooling and electricity in a monument-protected building and is committed to zero waste.

The Renewable Energy House is also considered the central point for renewable energy issues in Brussels, serving as home to a broad spectrum of organisations working on sustainable energy issues.

Regional representations

Revelle Group has two regional representations which support work in its key geographical areas of business.

The first regional representation is located in Kyiv, Ukraine covering Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, where Revelle has been present for the last 16 years based out of Ukraine.

The second regional represenation is located in Singapore covering the countries of South and South-East Asia as well as the Pacific region, a new and growing area of business for Revelle.

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