Revelle Group at the ‘Value of Wood Forum’

Celebrating the International Day of Forests, the ‘Value of Wood Forum’ was held in Brussels and Revelle Group had the honour to participate with a speaker.

The ‘Value of Wood Forum’ took place on 21 March 2017 and was organised by Revolve Media and hosted by S&D MEP Paul Brannen.   Elisa Asmelash, Revelle Group’s Junior Energy Consultant gave a speech during the opening remarks of the forum.

Elisa presented Revelle Group’s activities and the close collaboration with Revolve Media over the past two years. On this occasion, Stuart Reigeluth (Founder and CEO of Revolve Media) announced her, and by extension Revelle Group, as the first to have completed the “Revolve Cycle” of contributing and authoring articles around all four themes of sustainability of Revolve Media’s issues (Energy, Mobility, Water, and Forests).

The Forum’s discussions focussed around two key values of wood. Firstly, the sustainability value of wood in architecture and construction. Wood has a significant potential in the Circular Economy, as it can be used as a sustainable and renewable construction material and it can be recoverable, re-usable and recyclable.  Secondly, the value of wood innovation and the bio-economy. The bio-economy is central to facing climate change and safeguarding ecosystems. Services, technologies and industries in the forest-based sector are boosting the bio-economy and innovation is enhancing sustainability for society, environment and business.

The Forum is an integral part of Revolve Media’s Forest City Project, and marked the beginning of a public information campaign and exhibition of amazing photography of forests in the European Quarter in Brussels until World Environmental Day, on June 5th.

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